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Worlds cheapest iontophoresis machine

Worlds cheapest iontophoresis machine

This is the guideline for the video will will setup on youtube soon....
Today i want to show you the worlds cheapest iontophoresis device, built for less than 1 EUR, Buck or British pound. However I must warn you: Do not try this at home….
Here we have a cheap 1.2 Volt mignon battery and some simple aluminium foil found in your local shop.
Iontophoresis has a simple definition. It simply means the conduction of electrical current from one electrode to the other. You just have to put the battery between 2 foils and here we go: The worlds cheapest iontophoresis machine is ready for use. 
Ohm’s Law shows the relationship between Voltage, Current and Resistance. In this example a small iontophoresis current is conducted through a given resistor (the body),  and maybe you are one of the small % of people that will get relief from this tiny current. To achieve success from a 1.2V battery it is possible the you will need hours and hours treatment time each day.
Also with this tiny current there is no need to lay a distance grid or towel between the electrodes, a 1,2 V current is simply not powerful enough to harm you, this is different to powerful devices, here do not ever forget the grids or towels, as this could cause burns!
In most cases, professional machines work with a voltage between 60-72 Volts.
To match the performance of a professional machines, you would have to put 60 1,2 Volt batteries in a row to achieve 72 Volts. If you do this you will have another problem: you cant regulate the current in it‘s intensity this means: through ohms law and the fixed resistor - your body's resistance - you will have a certain amperage, e.g.
I= 72 volt/2kOhms=36mA
in this equation, the resulting current passing through the body would be over the allowed maximum range of 30 mA, so without having a protection circuit, you risk damage to your body.
The resistance offered by our bodies varies from patient to patient.
if you have a bodily resistance of 1 Kohm you would have 72 mA @72 Volt
if you have a bodily resistance of ,5 Kohm you would have 144 mA @72 Volt
This mean your low cost,  homemade ionto machine can turn into the electric chair.
now some would say: ok lets build it with 4 times 1,2 volt batteries (there are several iontophoresis machines on the market today supplied by a  4x1,2 volt power source)
Now we have to look again at Ohms law 
I= 4,8 volt/2kOhms=2,4mA
This provides a tiny current resulting in no success or really long treatment times for nearly all users!
Our choice of iontophoresis machines are not cheap, but worth the money: Hidrex PSP1000 or Idromed 5 PC

Why do  professional ionto units use 60-72 Volt as a given amperage?

1. Well, this is the ideal Voltage range for our bodies, a range where we cant feel the current in an intolerable way
2. The current itself can be increased sufficiently to higher levels up to 30 mA with protection systems in place for when the body‘s resistance is below 2 kOhms. For example with 2 small cuts on each hand the body‘s resistance decreases and through this current can increase dramatically
A powerful device without double redundant safety features, that is not built to meet strict European Medical laws and that is not supplied with approved medical grade power leads can be very dangerous.
Also another important problem that can occur with powerful machines: the uncomfortable "electric fence effect!"
If you would couple 60 1,2V batteries in a row and close the current circle, you would immediate get a shock from the current. this shock increases with the voltage and mA you set up! some devices on the market need no protection cause they are low powered machines.
When buying a high grade iontophoresis machine it is important to check that the machine protects you from this electric fence effect!
The higher the current/or Voltage the lower the treatment times for iontophoresis will be. The professional ionto machines you can get from the top manufacturers,  hoenle and hidrex, are available from and  These machines power up with the optimum performance voltage of 60V @ 30 mA and 72V @ 25mA based on a resistor of 2 KOhms
Take care: If a machine is engineered or developed based on a body resistor rating of 1 kOhms, it has only the half power, if it is based on 500 Ohms it has only 25% power of the machines in the example above!
Online you will find some other similar videos using lantern batterys or even car batteries, for homebuilt iontophoresis machines, but please keep away from powerful batteries like car batteries.  Although car batteries are only 12 Volts and  the body’s average resistance 3 kohms means that in principle this willl not harm you, they can conduct a high mA when something is incorrect in your iontophoresis setup, resulting in serious injury. This is the same for Normal dc power supplies : keep the hands away from this, there is a high risk…!! You would not stick you hands directly into the walls outlet, right?
Our conclusion: Buy a powerful yet safe mains plugged medical approved iontophoresis device with electric fence protection and enhanced built in safety features from dr. hoenle or hidrex.
This will ensure you get the best possible start: a professional iontophoresis operation system allowing you to safely drive high currents with minimal discomfort and a systme which ensures you get the best therapy setup with the lowest treatment times available… 
If you would like to ask us some questions or learn more about hyperhidrosis or iontophoresis visit us under our Hyperhidrosis forum section "Iontophoresis information and requests"
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