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Small Silicone Electrodes

Flexible silicone electrodes for special needs

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Small Silicone Electrodes

Note: These electrodes and cables are non-original parts for Idromed and Hidrex.
For these iontophoresis units, you need a special cable to fit the little 2 mm banana socket of the side of the electrode. Be sure to add them using the drop-down list if you do not have these smaller cables.
The silicone electrodes are 90*50 mm and come in thin, washable sponges and can be reduced in size with a scissor.
The price given is for a pair of electrodes and cables and it is recommended to buy these in batches to save time and money in the future since they are not designed to last a long time.

Note: The Idromed and Hidrex cables will not fit these electrodes!
The plug of these special cables for the silicone electrodes have a dimension of 2 mm and the cables themselves are much thinner. The Idromed and Hidrex have a 4 mm electrical shielded banana plug.
Idromed and Hidrex cables are 4 times thicker so it is normal that these thin cables for the silicone electrodes will only last a short time (appr. after 3-6 months, they will tend to break) and the same is true for the electrodes. Silicone electrodes are not designed to last a lifetime like the original aluminium electrodes of the Idromed or Hidrex devices.
Because of this, we highly recommend buying more than just one pair to have as spares to use in the future when they wear out. This way, you will have extra security in knowing you will not have to take a break from your iontophoresis treatment until new electrodes arrive.
To illustrate the differences, the picture on the left shows the standard cables for a Hidrex iontophoresis machine and the picture on the right shows you the "special cable" that fits the silicone electrodes.
Cable thickness iontophoresis units
Size of the small yellow pads:
In cm: Lenght 14 cm x Width 8 cm x Height 0,7 cm
In inch: Lenght 5,5 in x Width 3,1 in x Height 0,2 in

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