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Mains Plug Idromed

Mains Plug for Idromed devices

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Mains Plug for Idromed Machines 

The power supplies for the Idromed machines are available with plug type A, C or G.
Type A: US-Plug, for example for USA and most of Latin America
Type C: EU-Plug, for example for Europe
Type G: UK-Plug, for example for England
Please note that there are two different types of the power supply for the Idromed 5.

The "new" power supply for Idromed 5 machines fits only to devices with a serial number from 123992e and up.
This is a wide range power supply 110 - 240 V ~ / 50 - 60 Hz. This type is available and can be ordered here, by clicking on on "New" power supply  - SN > 123992e"
on the dropdown menue.

Important: Please note, that if you buy this type of power supply, to be used with an Idromed 5 machine with a serial number below or equal as 123991e (even by accident), we will not be held responsible for any damages this might cause to your machine.

The "old" version is a short-range power supply (230 V ~ / 50 Hz) and it is for machines with a serial number below or equal as 123991e.
This type is unfortunately no longer available at our stores. Nevertheless, sometimes, it can be repaired. For this, please click on "Repair of "old" power supply - SN < 123991e
on the drop down menue. After the purchase, you'll recieve an email, with more information on how to proceed further. This procedure has a cost of 80€ and covers the repair, safety check and shipping back to you. The costs to ship the defect power plug to us, have to be paid by you. In case the power plug can NOT be repaired, then we will let you know. We offer to dispose the power plug correctly and then we will refund the complete 80€. In case you want to have back the defect plug, then of course we can ship it back to you. Shipping expenses will be deducted from the 80€ and the rest will be refunded to you.

Power supplies for the Idromed series 1-4 (with footswitch) are no longer available but can be repaired as well.


Customers who need the old power supply (230 V ~ / 50 Hz) and  are located in countries using 110-130 V, such as the USA and Japan, need to use also a Stepup Converter, to convert the power from 110V to 230/240V. Stepup Converters are usually available in any hardware store.

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