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Iontophoresis machines - Professional Iontophoresis machines don't have an electric fence effect!

There are numerous iontophoresis machines out there that can give you a great unpleasant BUZZZZ!! This happens every time the current flow is broken, when you try to regulate the current, or when you want to end an iontophoresis session. It can even happen when you're about to start the treatment, while taking out your hands and feet from the treatment tubs, or at the end of the treatment session for automatic switching.
Although it is not dangerous at all, this electric fence effect can be extremely annoying and is caused by either a poor knowledge, old technology, or simply a cheap device design.
OUR RECOMMENDATION: For the most effective iontophoresis treatments with the least pain, we recommend our Pulsed Current models. These models use the newest, finest, and smoothest current form available at the moment.

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Idromed 5 PC - with Pulsed Current

The Idromed is an easy to use iontophoresis device with smooth pulsed ...
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Idromed 5 DC - with Direct Current

Professional iontophoresis machines for home and clinics. Treats sligh...
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Underarm pads

Idromed Underarm Pads w/ Electrodes

For the treatment of sweaty underarms (iontophoresis supplement)
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