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Idromed 5 DC - with Direct Current

Professional iontophoresis machines for home and clinics. Treats slight to heavy excessive sweating of hands and feet.

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IDROMED 5 DC - Direct Current Iontophoresis Device 

** Dr. Hoenle's company offers only aluminum electrodes and does not support the use of electrodes of any other material. We offer stainless steel electrodes that you can purchase separately or with your device because we find them easier to maintain and still be effective if you are not allergic to nickel or chrome. The manufacturer's warranty does not cover the use of steel electrodes but we will provide a 4-year warranty with your Idromed 5 PC purchase.  

Simultan treatment of sweatys hands and feet
Do you want to be able to treat your hyperhidrosis in the comfort of your own home? Would you like a device that is able to treat your hands and feet at the same time? Do you want to treat your hyperhidrosis without drugs or surgery?
If so, we can recommend the Idromed 5 as a reliable and suitable device for iontophoresis that has little to no side effects. With this unit, you should be able to effectively treat even the most severe case of hyperhidrosis.
Sensitive Skin?
Do you have children with sensitive skin and hyperhidrosis? Do you have sensitive skin yourself or are sensitive to electric currents? Do you plan to treat your hands or underarms with iontophoresis? If so, we highly recommend purchasing the Idromed PC (Pulsed Current) or Hidrex PSP 1000 instead. With pulse current, you will have less skin irritation and more comfort. Also, you will likely be able to withstand treatments at higher currents and lower your treatment time as well.
What does the standard set of the Idromed 5 DC include?
A standard Idromed DC iontophoresis set includes:
- 1 Idromed 5 DC Device 
- 1 main AC adapter- a footswitch is not necessary for home usage 
- 2 big flat aluminum plate electrodes (aluminum is free of nickel and chrome)
- 2 thick electrode cables with 4 mm banana plug/socket edges (no crocodile clamp)
- 2 plastic distance grids to place between the electrodes and your hands or feet
- 1 shock-proof suitcase; both halves can be separated for simultaneous hands and feet treatment
- One English manual
Excessive sweating treatment


Each device includes an 8-week trial. If you are not satisfied with the device, you may return the unit and get a full refund!
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What are the features of the Idromed 5 DC?
- Fast air shipping to any destination in the world is included in the price! 
- Our incredible 8-week money-back guarantee trial with support from our experienced staff 
- Easy handling and use: Iontophoresis for home treatment with no assistance! 
- Works with tap-water and doesn’t require drugs! 
- We ship fast and with plain-wrapped, anonymous packaging! 
- Simultaneous treatments possible: Both hands and feet can be treated at the same time! 
- High quality design for home and professional purposes! 
- Most users are dry within 14 days! 
- Support by phone, mail, or comfortable and personal one-on- one support in the closed section of our forum 
- We include a full 2-year warranty with free return shipping, parts, and labor. In some countries, we offer a pick up at your door/exchange of the device as well as fastest handling and repair time (normally all devices are repaired within 1-3 business days)

Our Iontophoresis units can be purchased by anyone. There is no need for a doctor's prescription!

Our pulsed and direct current iontophoresis devices can fight and stop excessive sweating through continued use. We sell only the best treatment devices for hyperhidrosis of the hands, feet, and underarms.

Our direct current iontophoresis device against sweating, stops the sweat. Suitable for armpits, sweaty feet and handsweat.
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