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Hidrex PSP1000 - with Pulsed/Direct Current

Suitable for sweaty hands, feet, underarm and facial sweating. The pulsed mode offers a smooth and comfortable treatment.

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HIDREX PSP 1000 - Iontophoresis Device with Pulsed and Direct Current

 - the new switchable iontophoresis device from Hidrex -
The PSP1000 is the newest iontophoresis device model from Hidrex. It is a high-quality professional iontophoresis machine designed for hyperhidrosis therapy, which can be used either in direct current or in pulsed current mode. The pulse-width of the pulsed current can be determined individually, depending on the patients needs. Iontophoresis machines from Hidrex are used in clinics and hospitals all over the world. They are also used by dermatologists and also used by individuals as a home therapy device, since it doesn't require assistance to be operated. Even when you operate the device by yourself, you can have both hands in the tray because the Hidrex PSP1000 recognizes this and automatically increases the current to the desired, adjusted level. At the end of the adjusted therapy time, it decreases the iontophoresis current down to zero!

New features of the Hidrex PSP1000

The new Hidrex PSP1000 with changeable pulse-width, allows the innovative adjustment of the pulse-intensity. Extensive trials showed that the efficiency of pulsed current could be increased dramatically. Therefore pulsed current is now usable for feet and severe cases of hyperhidrosis with the advantage of less pain to the patient. The effectiveness is not reduced at all compared to the direct current device. 
 pulse-width-hidrex-psp.jpg    efficiency-hidrex-psp.jpg

New possibilities with the Hidrex PSP1000

A pulse-width of 50% is equivalent to the actual pulsed current operation. In this case the pause is as long as the pulse. With increasing percentages of the pulse-width, the length of the pulse is increased and the length of the pause is decreased accordingly. Due to the much shorter pause, much more energy (80%) than with the standard pulsed current is applied. A pulse-width of 100% (no pause) is therefore corresponding to the classical direct-current method. The variable pulse-widths of the Hidrex PSP1000 allows continuous adjustment between the more sensitive pulsed current and the more stronger direct current.



How does the Hidrex PSP1000 work?

There is an electronic detection device that recognizes when you have both hands or feet (or underarm pads) placed in the trays. Afterward, the current is slowly increased to the value you have chosen before (or have had last time from the built-in memory that stores the values of the last treatment settings). After a certain (adjustable) time it decreases the current automatically and the iontphoresis session is over. During the treatment, if you feel that the current is too low or too strong, you can remove your hands from the trays without getting the electric shock effect and adjust the current to the comfort setting desired. 
The Hidrex PSP1000 set includes: set-hidrex-psp.jpg
- 1 Hidrex PSP1000 iontophoresis device
- 1 wide range AC 110-240V walls plug (offers worldwide operation without step-up convertors. Available in US, UK and EU version)
- 1 carrying case (the two halves can be divided into two separate treatment tubs)
- 2 aluminum electrode plates (used for hand and feet treatment )
- 1 pair of thick 4 mm connection cables with a standard banana plug
- 1 pair of cotton towels
- 2 years warranty
Optional accessories: You can upgrade the aluminium electrodes from the standard set to more robust and easier to clean stainless steel electrodes.
Advantages of the stainless steel electrodes: Stainless steel is easy to clean, it requires less frequent cleaning. Stainless steel compared to Aluminum is a highly scratch resistant material and is less sensitive for the attack from calcium and patina.

Important: If you have a nickel or chromium allergy, you should use the alumium ones, else we would recommend stainless steel.

begins from the day you receive your package, not from the shipment date!
Features of the Hidrex PSP1000
- Unit can be used on in direct current or on pulsed current mode with a different pulse width
- The current is adjustable in 120 Steps
- The therapy time can be set between 1 and 60 minutes
- Separate and independent memory settings stored for underarms, hands and feet
- On pulsed current mode, you can stand higher currents than in direct current mode - this is an advantage when treating sensitive areas
- High iontophoresis currents: almost all battery operated systems can´t reach these high-power current levels because the batteries would overheat and malfunction
- German-made machine: Hidrex engineers manufacture these iontophoresis devices in Germany
- A certified German medical equipment
- Has been used and approved many times in clinics and hospitals
- Electric shock protection (to protect from the well-known and unpleasant electric fence effect)
- You don´t need a doctors prescription to buy the Hidrex PSP1000
- Small and light-weight (appr. 2,5 kg)
- Allows the simultaneous therapy of sweaty hands & feet
- Comes with a carrying case
- Stable design and scratch resistant through normal use
- Big (aluminium or stainless steel) electrodes
- Warranty - 2 years
- Treat yourself at home with no assistance even when treating both hands! Some other iontophoresis models have old-fashion footswitches. The new Hidrex units recognizes the start of the therapy automatically! Hidrex PSP1000 will increase the iontophoresis current after you put in your hands or feet in the treatment trays or pads between your underarms. After the treatment time is over, it will decrease the current to zero.
The purchase price also includes our following services:
- Help from our experienced support team (who are iontophoresis users as well)
- Access to the Premium Iontophoresis Support Forum
- One-on-one support if desired
- Risk-free insured delivery
- Trusted Shops insurance for your purchase price
- 2 years enhanced warranty from
- 8 weeks money-back gurantee for the machine

 Our personal advice: Don't hurt yourself with a heavy direct current machine. Purchase a professional pulsed current iontophoresis machine instead. We honestly believe it will be the best option for you!

 Treat excessive sweating!

The Hidrex devices are used for excessive sweating treatment at home and clinics. Looking for more information about iontophoresis and the problem of excessive sweating? What is iontophoresis?
Place your order online to directly purchase an iontophoresis machines from an official Hidrex distributor. With the Hidrex PSP1000 you are able to choose between direct current or pulsed current with a different pulse width.
The iontophoresis current from the Hidrex PSP1000 can be adjusted to high levels if necessary. Tap-water iontophoresis units are used to fight excessive sweating and try to reduce it to normal levels.
Buy your device from the iontophoresis experts at!


Iontophoresis Contraindications

Our direct current iontophoresis device against sweating, stops the sweat. Suitable for armpits, sweaty feet and handsweat.
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