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The exchange rates are at the moment so great, we recommend to order all HIDREX products through our European shop system - it debits in EUR, and the device is - through this - much cheaper for you!
ormally the device is rated with 699 USD - in EUR it is 499 - with a given exchange rate of ~ 1,05 USD =  1 EUR it would costs in this case only 524 bucks - this is far away from other prices - but WITH our amazing services and therapy optimizing strategies - note there can be also a slight exchange fee that your credit card company takes for the exchange, but this is mostly only around 2%...

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Hidrex GS400 - with Direct Current

Iontophoresis Device Hidrex DC (direct current)

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HIDREX GS 400 - Direct Current Iontophoresis Device

The exchange rates are at the moment so great, we recommend to order all HIDREX psoducts through our European shop system - it debits in EUR, and the device is - through this - much cheaper for you! Normally the device is rated with 699 USD - in EUR it is 499 - with a given exchange rate of ~ 1,05 USD =  1 EUR it costs in this case only 525 - not tere can ba also a slight exchange fee that your credit casrd company takes for the exchange, but this is mostly only around 2%...

Iontophoresis: To order the Hidrex at our best price available, please click here

Sweating treatmentHidrex machines are high-end iontophoresis devices. A GS 400 Model with direct current(DC) is a professional iontophoresis unit for the therapy of excessive sweating caused by hyperhidrosis and, like all of our iontophoresis devices, includes money-back guarantee for 8 full weeks.
Support & e-book included
With the purchase of our Hidrex GS 400, you will gain access to our internal Iontophoresis Support Forum where you will find a lot of helpful information. This will include the e-book on iontophoresis,  hints, tricks, and tips from other successful users and, if desired, one-on-one personal support!
About our e-book: When you subscribe in the forum, we will set you up in the  group "Iontophoresis Users". Within this group, you have access to our online e-book about iontophoresis, containing the experience of over 10 years of selling and therapy with iontophoresis devices. We offer you an experienced support team to advise you with tips and tricks that will be able to guide you in developing your best, personalized iontophoresis treatment plan that will give you the highest success rate with the lowest treatment times.
Optional Accessories
The standard version comes with electrodes made out of aluminum but we also offer an upgrade to fit your personal device with electrodes made out of medical steel (stainless). This material is very easy to clean and you do not need to clean it as often as the aluminum electrodes. Stainless steel is more resistant to scratches and to calcium corrosion. We recommend purchasing the stainless steel electrodes unless you are allergic to chrome or nickel.
Hidrex GS 400 (DC) facts:
No batteries needed
: The Hidrex runs via an AC adapter, with your choice of wall plugs, and is able to be used anywhere in the world.
Stable: The unit is very robust. It is well-constructed and the whole device (including the panel) resists scratches through normal use.
Reliable: The control pads and control buttons are of medical industry standards and are made to withstand even the professional needs of clinics.
Strong Current possible: With a direct current adjustable from 1 to 60 volts (in 1 volt increments), at 30 mA, you have the possibility of driving the highest iontophoresis currents. You are able to choose treatment times from 1 to 60 minutes (in one-minute increments).
Memory: The Hidrex DC has a memory function that stores the most recent settings used when switching it off so you can start the next treatment with the latest used settings.
This iontophoresis device is easy to operate, and with its full automated detection, you can treat even hands at home without assistance - there is no need for an extra person to operate the device.

This set includes:
- 1 Hidrex unit with direct current 
- 1 shockproof case - dividable into 2 treatment baths comparable to the pictures for Idromed Iontophoresis 
- 2 aluminium electrodes - suitable for sweaty hands or feet 
- 2 thick connection cables with a 4 mm standard banana plug on both sides (no crocodile clamps!) 
- A wide range 110-240V AC adapter that offers worldwide compatibility. You may choose US, UK or European plug 
- 2 years enhanced warranty from
- Main AC Adapter: no requirement for expensive batteries or battery packs 
- All of our units do not give electric shocks (the old known electric fence effect other devices still have, has been eliminated through improvement) 
- Compact 
- Simultaneous treatments are possible for sweaty hands and feet 
- Stable carrying case 
- Modern, ultra stable, scratch resistant design 
- Two year warranty that includes free return shipping and labor. There are no hidden fees whatsoever 
- DIY home usage even when treating only the hands. Other iontophoresis machines require the use of a footswitch. The device automatically recognizes when the hands or feet are inside of the trays and then the therapy starts. It will slowly build up the current and, at the end of the session, it will decrease the current slowly to zero.
The PSP 1000, which is the newest model, allows you to switch the iontophoresis current from Direct into Pulsed mode - this can offer more comfort and a smoother iontophoresis treatment (e.g. for the treatment of severe sweating in children) - a must-have for sweaty hands and underarms therapy. It is also a must-have for sweaty feet with sensitive skin.
 No doctor's prescription needed!

Our direct current iontophoresis device against sweating, stops the sweat. Suitable for armpits, sweaty feet and handsweat.
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