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Fast delivery worldwide! All fees, shipping and taxes included for USA / Canada / Australia! Other countries: Please look at this list. USA Idromed Special You receive your IDROMED Iontophoresis machine within seven working days: If the first delivery attempt takes longer than 7 days, we will refund you $50!


Hidrex Iontophoresis - Professional Iontophoresis machines tailored to the treatment needs for slight to heaviest excessive sweating.

The exchange rates are at the moment so great, we recommend to order all HIDREX products through our European shop system - it debits in EUR, and the device is - through this - much cheaper for you!
ormally the Price for a Hidrex PSP is rated with 945 USD - in EUR it is 689 - with a given exchange rate of ~ 1,05 USD =  1 EUR it would costs in this case only 712 bucks - this is far away from other prices - but WITH our amazing services and therapy optimizing strategies - note there can be also a slight exchange fee that your credit card company takes for the exchange, but this is mostly only around 2%...

Iontophoresis: To order the Hidrex PSP 1000 at our best price available, please click here

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Hidrex GS400 - with Direct Current

Iontophoresis Device Hidrex DC (direct current)
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Hidrex PSP1000 - with Pulsed/Direct Current

Suitable for sweaty hands, feet, underarm and facial sweating. The pul...
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Idromed 5 PC - with Pulsed Current

The Idromed is an easy to use iontophoresis device with smooth pulsed ...
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