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Underarm Pads with Electrodes

For the treatment of sweaty underarms (iontophoresis supplement)

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Underarm Pads with Electrodes

Treat excessive underarm sweating!

This accessory can be used with an Iontophoresis unit like the Hidrex PC / DC or the Idromed PC / DC. PC stands for pulsed current; DC stands for direct current. For underarm, treatment we always recommend choosing a PC device!
Note: If you order underarm electrodes with the sponge pads as a stand-alone accessory, you MUST select the plug type! If not, we won't know which iontophoresis unit you have.
- For Idromed units you'll need a Standard 4mm Banana plug
- For Hidrex units you'll need a Standard 4mm Banana socket
You can select this item as a supplement on the main product pages or you can select them as an optional accessory when ordering an iontophoresis machine at our online shop!
With our pulsed current machines you have a gentle and powerful tool to treat underarm sweating!
These underarm electrodes are encased in thick sponges (3 cm) and are a comfortable and suitable choice to fight severe underarm sweating. 
Size of the yellow armpitpads:
In cm: Lenght 9,5 cm x Width 8 cm x Height 2 cm
In inch: Lenght 3,7 in x Width 3,1 in x Height 0,78 in

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