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Hyperhidrosis Info


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Face mask

Mask used to treat excessive sweating of the face and forehead

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Face mask

What is Important?
If you already have underarm electrodes (the little Idromed + Hidrex electrodes fit perfectly inside of the mask) then there is really no need to purchase additional electrodes. If not, please select the appropriate electrodes for your device in order to use this mask.
Note to Idromed owners: This face mask was not originally made for Idromed devices. It is manufactured by Hidrex but is still able to be used with Idromed units.
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Searching for a iontophoresis face mask - Where to find a supplier for a iontophoresis face mask - Sweating dot com provides spare parts, supplements and add ons for iontophoresis devices. We also sell professional iontophoresis units from medical firms that are known all around the world such as Hidrex. Hidrex is the inventor of the pulse current device that defined the new standard in iontophoresis. This new technology is quite useful, especially in sensitive areas like the face, underarms, and hands.

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