Hyperhidrosis Info

Hyperhidrosis Info


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Enhanced warranty

Enhanced Warranty for Iontophoresis Devices

Claim: Please note that the devices sold from sweating.com are designed to last a lifetime.
What happens if the device that I purchased from you malfunctions and needs repair?
They were manufactured to meet the needs of dermatologists and their clinics and have to be reliable for them. Since these devices are designed to be used many times a day in those settings, you are buying a very high-quality professional device.
All iontophoresis devices have a 2-year minimum warranty or, for our Idromed pulsed current units, a warranty up to 4 years. Within this period, e.g. if your iontophoresis device does not work properly due to some defect or malfunction, please contact us. Most of the time, the issue can be solved through internet support. If the device is truly broken, in some countries, we can have it picked up directly or you can return the machine to us and be reimbursed for return shipping.
We perform fast repair service at no cost to you within the warranty period. Repair time usually takes 1-2 business days (in most cases) and after that we return the repaired item to you immediately.
If you choose to send your broken machine to our office for repair, we will debit back the money you paid for standard shipping from your local post office up to 40 EUR maximum. Please send us a copy of the bill for the return shipping by mail, fax, or scan us a copy of the receipt and we will debit the money back to your credit card, paypal, or bank account.
What to do when the enhanced warranty is over?
In this case, you'll have to pay for all of the materials, repair time, shipping and handling. Even so, you need not worry too much about the cost because we offer absolute pricing that will be worth the repair.
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