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We will not abandon you once you have purchased a device from us. Although iontophoresis is a fairly simple process once you learn to do it correctly, many users do not get immediate success with iontophoresis therapy. There are many things that can be done incorrectly when you first start a iontophoresis session.
We have a lengthy experience with iontophoresis therapy, having sold thousands of units to date.
Our unparalleled experience has resulted in us being able to write an e-book on how to do iontophoresis treatment correctly. Once you purchase a machine from us, we will give you free access to this e-book as well as to personalized support in our forums. The goal of our post-sales support is to enable you to have success as well as to ensure that you get the most efficient treatment possible and not spend hours a week doing iontophoresis therapy, and in case of malfunction of a device to get a fast help with trials and routines for testing the iontophoresis units easily yourself, in your house to avoid time wiastings liek shipping time and service time. Almost 95% of all technical problems with the iontophoresis machines can be solved through this simple routines, you only have to know how.
When having a real defect we will help you up as fast and simple we can, billing you back your expenses for faults due to warrnanty reasons.
Note that we only provide support in our forums for devices sold via our website. If you bought either HIDREX or Idromed from other retailers or distributers, we cannot provide you with support. It is always the seller who is responsible for the support, so it is a good idea to have a responsible one.

Hidrex PSP1000 or Idromed 5 PC - with our support the best choices!
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