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Overview and Similarities: Hidrex v/s Idromed

Hidrex and Idromed are both high quality iontophoresis devices that are made in Germany. 
- Both machines run via electricity provided by AC adapters. 
- Both machines come in two varieties: Idromed offers a Direct Current (DC) and Pulsed Current (PC) unit. Hidrex offers a Direct Current (DC) unit, as well as the new PSP (Pulsed and Direct Current) unit. The PC/PSP models are more expensive than their DC counterparts but usually result in zero-pain treatment. 
- The carrying cases for both Hidrex and Idromed split with ease to become treatment trays for your hands or feet. This is quite a neat space and time saving concept. 
- Both machines can be supplemented with special electrodes to treat underarm sweating. 
- Neither machine requires reverse polarity related changes. 
- Both machines have to satisfy strict German safety standards. 
- Very limited cleaning requirement for both machines. 
- Both machines are made for the European market, but our Hidrex units let you choose which adapter you want included for your region, since it supports both 110v and 240v. We also offer voltage converters for purchase for our Idromed units so they can be used in other countries. 
- Electrode cables are thick and are designed to last a lifetime (as well as the electrodes).
Best iontophoresis devices: Hidrex PSP1000 or Idromed 5 PC

Differences: Hidrex v/s Idromed

Hidrex devices are able to run in every country of the world since they support 110 to 240 voltages and are available with the most common plug types, like EU, UK and US plugs – Idromed devices require (as an addition) a step-up convertor when set in countries with 110 volts (this convertor is only available with US plug). For 220-240 volt countries, there are plugs available for EU or UK - all of these plugs can be fitted with a adapter to match other countries (like Australia) 
Hidrex measurements unit = volts or amps, Idromed measurement unit = amps. 
Idromed's carrying case/trays are a bit larger than Hidrex's carrying case/tray, although both trays are big enough for feet up to size 13 (13 American) 
Hidrex DC and PSP devices are about 10 percent more expensive than the Idromed counterparts. 
Idromed has a much more modern look than Hidrex
- The Hidrex PSP is switchable from direct to pulsed current. 
Hidrex PSP is the best suited device for clinics because of its high scratch resistance and advanced built-in features (over-therapy protection, switchability from direct current to a pulsed current with a different pulsed-width, 3 preset treatment modes for sweaty hands, feet or underarms, adjustable time). 
Idromed has a fix treatment time of 15 min, Hidrex is able to set up from 0-60 min. treatment time 
Idromed PC device comes with a 4-year warranty. All other products come with a 2-year warranty. 
- The Hidrex console is a bit heavier than the Idromed console. 
Hidrex iontophoresis devices have a built-in over treatment protection function that shall prevent your skin from becoming too dry (this rarely ever comes into play though). 
Idromed comes with plastic grids to place between your feet/hands and the electrode, while Hidrex comes with towels. The grids require almost no maintenance, while the towels might need replacing and washing once in a while.
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