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For iontophoresis users there is a question wich material to use for the iontophoresis sessions.

Grids musnt be cleaned that much - they are out of plastic.

Towels are out of 100% cotton, so they must be washed frequently and they look somstimes not that good after longer usage

Here are some guidelines:

I would use grids for the feet, there the material smoothness isn´t that important.

I would use towels for the hands, they are smoother.


It makes sense to order some additional ones with the machine - although they last really long, the white plastic and towels will look not so nice after some months of usage.


If you dont care we recommend to use the pair that comes with the machines.


For Idromed it is a pair of white plastic mesh 1 mm thick and 4mm grid.

For Hidrex machines it is a pair of white (natural) 100% cotton towels.


The towels are big enough to cover any of the electrodes either Idromed or Hidrex in full.

The grids fit the trays of each manufacturer.

Go to : Hidrex PSP1000 or Idromed 5 PC


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