Money back

In addition to the legal Right of Cancellation we give you the following 8-weeks money-back guarantee for iontophoresis units bought through us, that you are using as the actual owner.
The money-back guarantee does not affect your legal Right of Cancellation in any way.
Purchase through! Try it, keep it, or return it! Every iontophoresis device order has an 8-week trial that starts the day you receive your iontophoresis unit.
Other stores or sellers that offer iontophoresis devices may not allow you to unpack the device (from its sealed packaging ) or even try it out without risking the cancellation or refusal of the goods and will not debit back the amount of your purchase. This is a financial risk for you because no one knows with complete certainty if the therapy will be effective in treating your hyperhidrosis.
That is not so with us because our 8 full weeks trial for the device is without restrictions. During this time, you can set up the equipment as the legal owner, use it as many times as you want and return it without any questions asked**.
The period of the 8-weeks money-back guarantee begins when you receive the device and the invoice with this guarantee in text form. Within this period, you can claim your money-back warranty in text form (e.g. letter, fax, email) or simply by returning the device to:
Bindner Medizintechnik
Carl-Helbing-Str. 19
79312 Emmendingen
Phone: 0049-7641-9593760
Fax: 0049-7641-9593766
We take over costs by degradation of the commodity by their intended use. Costs of degradation through loss of parts, accidental drops, rough treatment (scratch, plastic break) of the iontophoresis devices, power supplies, step-up transformers, or the carrying case itself will be taken into consideration.  If you treat the devices and everything very carefully - avoiding scratches - we debit the full money back*. For the return transfer, please allow us an appropriate operating timeframe of 30 days maximum after the arrival of the goods (for iontophoresis devices, power supply, and step-up transformer) at our address to process the refund to your bank and/or PayPal or credit card account. To avoid delays, please make sure there is enough postage for the return to reach its destination.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, a full refund is available for both our iontophoresis devices, power supplies and our step-up converters!  (This warranty does not cover supplements such as the underarm electrode pads, any upgrades such as stainless steel electrodes, face masks)
*shipping costs, extra parts, and accessories are not covered by our money back guarantee!
**Please note, that if you return your device for the money back claim and the device presents scratches or larger damages on the surface, when it arrives at our office, then we will have to invoice you for this! Please pack the device carefully when shipping it back to us!

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