Hyperhidrosis Info

Hyperhidrosis Info


Combat Sweaty Feet

Excessive Sweating

Underarm sweating



Sweat and Odor

Hyperhidrosis treatment cascade

Sweaty Feet

Sweaty Hands

Custom dutys and fees

Some countries outside the EU may require additional tax and import fees.

The table below is based on previous customer information. Note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this table. To find out the exact rates we suggest you contact the bureau of import in your country.http://europa.eu.int/comm/taxation_customs/dds/cgi-bin/tarchap?Lang=EN and for Switzerland: http://xtares.admin.ch/tares/login/loginFormFiller.do

Custom identification numberfor

Iontophoresis devices: 90189085

Dermalight: 90189085

 import border*
custom duty
custom fee
USA  no  0%  0%
European Union Countries and GB no  included in the prices  included in the prices
Turkey  no   0%   0%
China / Hong Kong  no   0%   0%
Other countries: 
Please use the links above, it is too much action to complete this table for all countries, the import borders and dutys and to actualize them.

If you believe information in this table is incorrect or if you have any extra information, please contact us so we can make amendments. 

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