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What to do when you want to treat hyperhidrosis? What is the first logical step when dealing with excessive sweating? There are a lot of things you can do to reduce sweating, but you should avoid radical non-reversal steps like ETS upfront without giving the other options a chance.

Recommended Hyperhidrosis Treatment Guideline

There are many remedies and common sense solutions available to reduce sweating. However, many of these solutions are not effective in severe cases of excessive sweating known as hyperhidrosis. There is tons of bad information and products on the internet that claim to be effective against hyperhidrosis but many of them are just a waste of time and money.
There are people who sell e-books claiming that they have found cure for hyperhidrosis but, in reality, most of the time they are just listed general facts that reduce sweating, such as, avoid spicy foods, use antiperspirants, try iontophoresis, etc. That information can be found on the web for free and, while we are not telling you what to do, we highly recommend avoiding such e-books if possible.
Why avoid it? Well, if their books truly have a cure for hyperhidrosis, why are there so many people still looking for help in forums and why do so many people still have this condition? The answer is because they don't have a true cure. What they are actually trying to do is just sell you an e-book to earn money and do not have your best interest at heart. We have a behavior e-book that provides the same information for free and you are welcome to contact us if you feel that you have effective information that you would like to add to it.
The owner of and many of our staff members have hyperhidrosis. With years of experience behind us, this is what we logically recommend doing to get effective results in reducing sweat and to possibly save time and money.
1) Try an antiperspirant and apply it before going to bed if possible. Take a look at our antiperspirant page to help you decide which one is right for you.
2) Wear breathable clothing and use proper hygiene to reduce body odor. Our silver socks and KLENZ disinfecting system can help you achieve this.
3) Give ionotophoresis a try. It doesn't involve any chemicals and the success rate is very high. We also offer a 8-week money-back guarantee if does not prove to be effective and you wish to return it. The initial cost might be high but the devices we sell are designed to be used in hospitals and clinics and will last you many years to come.
4) Give Botox injections a try. Botox has also been proven to be very effective as well but one treatment costs much more than buying an iontophoresis machine that you can use for years. Like iontophoresis, you will have to continue repeating the treatment if you wish to maintain desired results.
5) If you have excessive underarm sweating only, you may want to consider miraDry. It is a noninvasive procedure with very minor compensating sweating, if any, since there are only a small amount of sweat glands located in the underarms when compared to other areas. Please keep in mind that this process is irreversible.
6) There are some people that say tanning the affected skin area works but we have never heard of anyone having successful results. Chances are you will simply continue to sweat under your new leather skin, which might be worse than excessive sweating alone.
7) AS AN ABSOLUTE FINAL RESORT, endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy surgery MIGHT help BUT since there is an considerable chance of developing compensatory sweating, IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Even if the nerves are clamped as oppose to cut, THERE IS STILL A CHANCE THAT IT IS IRREVERSIBLE.


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