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Scoop Neck Undershirts Women

Sweat Protect Sweatshield: Ultra comfortable sweat absorbent undershirts with reinforced underarms!

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Scoop Neck Women's Sweatshield Undershirt

These ultra comfortable sweat absorbent undershirts with reinforced underarms combine fit, feel and function to keep you dry, cool, comfortable and confident.

Fit - Close fit for sharp look and maximum sweat absorbency
Comfort - Ultra comfortable material with tagless design
Function - Absorbs sweat and moves with your body
Style - Deep scoop neck allows undershirt to be worn with any top
Feel - Lightweight fabric ensures you stay cool, comfortable and confident
Control - Longer length for stay tucked confidence or stylish layering
Usage - Wear as an undershirt with any shirt or outer garment in any climate
Best For - Women
Fabric Content - 95% Micro Modal with 5% Lycra

Sizes: S M L XL
USA Size 4 Size 6 Size 8 Size 10+
UK Size 6 Size 8 Size 10 Size 12+

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