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Sweat Protect Soletta - Odor-Free Shoe Insoles

The insole that helps give you dry, fresh and odor-free feet

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Shoe insoles for dry and fresh feet


Sweat Protect Soletta


The secret lies in the combination of the materials!
The bottom layer of these insoles are made of wool felt and the upper layer is made of a special high-tech antibacterial fiber. This fiber prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi and allows the felt, a material that already has a great absorbent capacity, to retain even more moisture. They keep your feet completely dry, warm, and give you that comfortable feeling during the winter time and a pleasant, cool feeling during the summer. 

Suitable for all types of feet and all shoe sizes!


Give your feet an atmosphere of natural wellbeing!


You will receive an insole sheet together with a shoe size template. You can then determine your foot size and cut the insole according to it. You can also take another insole that you already have and use that one as the cutting pattern as well!

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