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Sweat Protect Argentum - Sneaker Socks

Get rid of sweaty and bad smelling feet!

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Anti-odor Silver Sneaker Socks

Sweat Protect Argentum - our new line of socks with silver fibre
Our Sweat Protect Argentum socks are made with a special silver fibre, which prevents sweaty and smelly feet.
Sweat Protect Argentum sneaker socks are ideal for the every day casual wear, but also very comfortable while playing sports.  
Try our Sweat Protect silver socks and see how fast bad foot odor disappears!
To achieve best results we recommend to use our Sweat Protect Argentum Socks together with:
Sweat Protect Soletta, our insole that helps give you dry and odor-free feet
Advantages of the silver fibre
- 99.9% pure silver 
- Antimicrobial
- Eliminates odor
- Regulates temperature
- Eliminates static

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