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ELFUR-K Shoe Disinfection System

Shoe Disinfection System against foot odor

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ELFUR-K Shoe Disinfection System

Shoe disinfection system that combats foot odor
Sweating.com ELFUR-K Shoe Disinfection System: declare war against bacteria and fungus. 

When other "household" remedies do not bring about the desired effect, ELFUR-K might be the solution for odor caused by sweat.
Podologists all over the world praise the sanitizing abilities of this device and its ease of use in fighting foot odor.
How does the ELFUR-K Shoe Disinfection System work?
It works with SILVER and OZONE.
Silver has germicidal properties and ozone has germicidal properties as well. Combined, they are the perfect match in reducing foot odor in shoes.
Silver is commonly known for its germ-killing properties. It oxidizes bacteria and fungus and is able to kill bacteria of many types. It has been proven to reduce those that are commonly found in shoes and socks up to 99.7%. Ozone, and this is not commonly known, reduces unpleasant odors and you will be surprised how effective it is. Both ozone and silver can reduce a wide range of bacteria and fungus!
There are two silver electrodes and, with some voltage, very small silver particles are detached and mixed with the ozone provided by the ozone generator. Although this might sound as if it would consume a great deal of energy, the ELFUR-K only needs under 10 watts to operate!
Characteristics of the ELFUR-K Shoe Disinfection System
- Incredibly fast! After only 8 minutes, your shoes, garments, or other belongings are deodorized and fresh for their next use.
- Professional and maintenance free: The silver electrodes are designed so that the ELFUR-K can be used 10 times a day and last 10 years!
- Silent: You will have a device that will not make noise or cause any disturbance.
- Warranty: 2 years
Technical Data
Dimension (mm): W320 x D375 x H250
Internal Size (mm): W260 x D330 x H190
Weight: N6.4 / G7.8 Kg


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