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There are few options that are able to successfully combat sweaty feet. Antiperspirants are usually not successful in that area due to the thickness of the skin there but, there is another option called iontophoresis, which has a very high success rate.

Products to Combat Sweaty Feet

We recommend using a professional iontophoresis device with pulsating current because it can be used in sensitive areas. Be sure to use a powerful device because the soles of the feet need a higher current. With higher currents, you will also be able to achieve lower treatment times.
Please keep in mind that body odor is not caused by sweat. It is caused by bacteria that feed on it. If you have been able to successfully reduce your level of perspiration and body odor is still a problem, we recommend trying the following:
Antibacterial Body Wash
Klenz Disinfection System
Odor Reducing Shoe Insoles
Socks with Silver Fibre
Hidrex PSP1000 or Idromed 5 PC


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