With Aluminium Chloride

Antiperspirants containing Aluminum chloride

Aluminum chloride is todays standard and most common ingredient in strong Antiperspirants. However Aluminum chloride for itself is skin irritating, specially in higher dosages. Antiperspirants differ highly in mixture to prevent skin irritations.
There are several appendages in building a strong Antiperspirant in the basis of itself. There are 3 common types of Antiperspirants based on:
  • Cream
  • Gel
  • Alcohol
More information about Antiperspirant choosage: Note the text below the products

Our Antiperspirant range containing Aluminium Chloride

Alkohol itself is also a irritating ingedient and has the disadvantage to dry out the skin through fat loss.
When facing this a Gel or Cream is a good idea, also a Cream can care your skin from irritations of high percentage Alcohol and Alumniniumchloride.
Other differences are the strength in Aluminumchloride percentages. They vary mostly between 10% and 20% Aluminiumchloride and when you need a higher % than 10 you have to apply it 2 times a day to get to the effect of an 20%.
So the choosage is really not easy, the best is to test out wich Antiperspirant is the gentlest for YOUR skin, this can also vary highly, one can stand a clinical strength Antiperspirant without having problems, the othe has even problems with a "normal" over the counter Deodorant (wich mostly have only round 1-3% Aluminium Chloride inside). We at sweating.com give you a choice of (in our mind) best Antiperspirants offered worldwide, and we are sure you will find yours to fit all your needs and confidence.
Antoher thing is the aibility to have a stable Cream or Gel. For the cream offered here it is limited to 10% cause else the cream loses its skin care properties and stability. To have as low "chemicals" and "stability fillers" as possible the manufactorer decided to go to 10%. If you would have only success with a 15% ALCL Antiperspirant this would mean you have to apply the cream twice, after a variable break.
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Antiperspirants with different basis:

Antiperspirant Cream

Advantages of our cream are: A much lower risk for skin irritations, containing 10% ALCL, can be applied directly after shaving the armpits without the itching feel when having a Alcohol based. A Cream cares for your skin.
Disadvantages are: A Cream is mostly nothing for the feet, it leaves a thin fat film wich is for the most users annoying, however Antiperspirants do mostly NOT work for sweaty feet. The skin is too thick, so the adstringent ingredient ALCL may not reach the sweat glands for a full satisfaction result. For the Feet Iontophoresis is a mostly good woking solution. For a sweating face or back, if you got problems with fatty skin ar acne (what is often a companion to Hyperhidrosis) to bring more fat into and onto the skin is maybe the falsest way when buying a Antiperspirant. Here a Gel could be the perfect solution for you...

Antiperspirant Cream Gel

A gel ifself is a basis that has not the skin care properties of a cream, however it does not leave a fat film. Through this and the fact there is no high alcohol percentage in it it does not irritate the skin as a alcohol based one maybe does, also the itching and dryout properties of high Alcohol basis does not appear in the same way. Maybe the perfect Antiperspirant for you? 

Antiperspirant with Alcohol

Antiperspirants with Alcohol are the oldscool ones, but they contain 15% or even 20% ALCL. Through skin soothing ingredients, they try to balance the disadvantages of Alcohol in high concentrations and Aluminium Chloride as well. The good thing: They are proven since years and if they work for you and you dont have itching or severe skin irritations, why not to choose the "Alcoholic" solution... 
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