Antiperspirant Cream

Antiperspirant Cream

The antiperspirant cream, Sweat Protect, was created with the goal of being gentle on the skin. Great thought and consideration was put into the development of this cream and unnecessary ingredients that may affect sensitive skin, such as those that add color or scent, were omitted from Sweat Protect.
High alcoholic percentages are not needed for a cream. The main advantage of using antiperspirant creams is that it doesn't dry out the skin like high alcoholic solutions do. It is so smooth that you can apply it even after shaving your underarms to stop underarm sweating. High alcoholic solutions may burn and itch after you apply it. Our antiperspirant cream is based on a good face cream (Basic Sweat Protect) and a hand cream (Strong/Ultimate Sweat Protect).

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Excessive sweating

Antiperspirant Sweat Protect Ultimate

Antiperspirant creamfor the use on regular skin
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