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SweatingSweating too much is a serious problem... The amount a person sweats varies greatly and can be influenced by numerous factors such as genetics, food, temperature, stress levels, weight and even medical disorders.
If an individual has a high level of perspiration, even when it is not emotionally induced or more than necessary to cool the body, this condition is known as: Hyperhidrosis.
Hyperhidrosis sufferers sweat profusely in one main area or a few very specific parts of the body (e.g., palms, feet, underarms, face) and this condition is known as "focal" or "local" hyperhidrosis. For local hyperhidrosis, there are some effective treatments like iontophoresis or antiperspirants available that can help lead you on your way to having a better, "sweat free" life. If you suffer from this condition, find comfort in knowing you are not alone! The products we offer can help eliminate or reduce the main symptom of hyperhidrosis: Sweat.
We believe in the high quality of our iontophoresis units and therefore we offer a full 8 weeks money back guarantee if your treatment is unsuccessful.

Numerous products claim to be able to reduce excessive sweating to normal levels but, very few are effective for extended periods of time.

Stop sweating!!!

Excessive sweating is annoying!

Do you want to combat sweaty hands, sweaty feet and sweaty armpits? Congratulations because there is an excellent chance that you have now reached the end of your suffering by finding this site and reading all the information that we have to offer. There is no cure for this condition at the moment, but it is treatable with iontophoresis and maybe antiperspirants. You can check out the current treatments for excessive sweating and buy our quality, galvanic iontophoresis devices and other products directly from our site.

Managing Excessive Sweating

Understanding why we sweat

Sweating is an essential body mechanism for human beings. Unfortunately, the sweating process is only effective when it occurs at optimum levels. Very few people can claim to never sweat at all, but are many who sweat too much.

Local Hyperhidrosis

Local Hyperhidrosis: Excessive sweating in defined areas.

The diagnose of local hyperhidrosis (profused sweating in defined parts like the hands or feet) is mostly made by dermatologists. Most normal doctors are not familiar with this condition and many of them do not know what can be done for the millions of people who suffer from it.
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Iontophoresis machines

Iontophoresis - The effective, long-term treatment for hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating is not a joke for those affected by it and can cause numerous social problems. To prevent discomfort and social anxiety, it is important to reduce excessive sweating.
Iontophoresis is the most recommended and highly effective non-surgical way to reduce sweating by dermatologists (and in many cases, it may eliminate perspiration for extended periods of time if used consistently and appropriately). The iontophoresis devices sold on this page are high-quality products with superior design and safety functions.
These devices are available in pulsed and direct current models and are clinical machines. Buy a German-made machine and rest assured that you are spending your money wisely on a reliable product with the highest credibility. There are many other iontophoresis machines on the market that are of questionable quality. HIDREX and Idromed optimizes superior quality. Clinics throughout Europe utilize these machines due to their reputation, quality and ease of use.

>>> Iontophoresis after sales support <<<

We will not abandon you once you have purchased a device from us. Although iontophoresis is a fairly simple process, many users do not get immediate success with iontophoresis therapy following the instruction manual alone. There are many things that can be done incorrectly or sub-optimally when you first start an iontophoresis session.

Strong Antiperspirants

Antiperspirants mainly work for underarm sweating

Antiperspirants are like cosmetic products. Applied like a deodorant, they are a "chemical" way to reduce light sweating (in the underarms, hands or feet), although the thicker the skin, the less successful the results. We have developed an antiperspirant with a cream base instead of an alcohol base, which confers a number of advantages in application and dosage.
"Sweat Protect" is our proprietary gentle antiperspirant cream that contains aluminum chloride. Available in three strengths, the strongest version is a really high grade antiperspirant. Although many other antiperspirants already on the market are based on aluminum chloride, ours was the first that is creamlike and varies in the strength.
The main purpose of antiperspirants is to prevent the user from sweating, which is one of the major factors that creates unpleasant body odor. Antiperspirants are used to stop the sweat.
read more> Antiperspirants 

Special clothes for hyperhidrosis sufferers

Even if someone sweats normally, he or she might wish to stay sweat free during important meetings. This is especially true in times of stress, such as during public speaking. For such purposes, special clothing can provide an effective barrier to sweating. Embarrassing damp underarm patches can be prevented when wearing this type of clothing.
read more> Hyperhidrosis Wear 

Prevent foot odor!

Odor from sweat is disgusting! Do you desperately want to get rid of foot odor? Excessive sweating of the feet (plantar hyperhidrosis) can cause bad odor on top of discomfort. Read more about how foot odor arises and how to prevent it.
read more> Sweat and Odor

Sweating.com - About this website
Established by a fellow hyperhidrosis sufferer is the easy to remember name and the foremost website on the internet that is devoted to providing products that can treat excessive sweating. We at sweating.com are not just resellers. Because of the close contact with our customers in our support forums, we can give product feedback and ideas to the manufacturers of iontophoresis devices to help them improve their products in the future. We have also developed our own products such as "Sweat Protect", which besides treating excessive sweating, also put an emphasis on the maintenance of healthy skin. Know of an effective product that should be on our site but isn't? Let us know about it and your results with it and we may include it on our site in the future so others may benefit as well.
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